Cant resist mommys ass in spandex

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Description: You have the day off from school. Mama comes in and starts picking up your room. She just got back from the gym and she's in her spandex. FUCK! You can't resist an ass in spandex, even if it's your mummy's. She is bending over, teasing you, almost as if it's your own personal "ass show." You sit back and really enjoy the view, your cock aches. She tells you she has to do the dishes yet, "Why don't you help me dry them?" You jump to the occasion. You stand behind her at the kitchen sink and wait for her gorgeous ass to back up when she bends over. You subtly bump into it a couple times, then you get braver, and reach for that ass. Your mum tells you that, "you shouldn't do that." But you can tell she secretly loves it. You try to pull her spandex down, but she says no. You are allowed to take your pants off, but her spandex is staying on. You thrust and thrust against her ass. Your cock against her spandex covered ass. You can feel every crevice of her pussy over the spandex. Your mama starts to moan, and WOW-- she had an orgasm. Her enjoyment turned you on even more, and you came all over her spandex covered ass.