Spooning Mommy

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Description: I'm having a hard time believing that my nearly grown son has had a nightmare and now needs to climb into bed with Mom...really, son? Aren't you a little too big for that? Why don't you tell me what's really bothering you, and then you can run along back to your own bed like a good boy. You're lonely? Well, son, Mom's lonely too, but that doesn't mean that you have to sleep with me. Okay...okay! Fine, come get into bed with Mommy - remember how you used to call me 'mommy' when you were little? Now it's 'mom'...or even 'mother' if you're mad. Come on, my sweet son, come get into bed with Mommy..we'll tell secrets... What, now you're bashful? Don't want to tell me what's really on your mind? I'm your mother, you should be able to tell me anything, but fine...how about if we just cuddle? Will that make you feel better? Mommy will roll over - you can be the big spoon and I'll be the little spoon. Won't that be nice, baby? Mmm, that feels nice...your body is so warm, baby, up against Mom's butt. Yes, press against me like that, son...it feels good...mmm, Mommy likes that. Mommy likes it a lot, baby. In fact, Mommy's pussy is getting all drippy-wet from your spooning...grinding...against Mom's butt like that. But don't stop - it feels so good, and it's been so long. I'm just going to pull my panties down, baby, so that Mommy can feel that rock-hard cock of yours right against my skin. We're not going to fuck, so it's okay...we're just cuddling, baby. That's right...mm-hmm...grind against Mommy's ass, just like that baby. Don't stop, okay? Keep humping Mommy like that until I say so. Good boy...Mommy's good boy...just like that, son. Mommy's going to cum now, and I want you to cum, too...let's do it together, baby...keep humping...mmmm, fuck yes! That felt so good, son. So good to cum with my handsome sexy boy...but now Mommy's super wet and horny, and you're going to have to stay all night anyway. Because, baby...it's time to fuck your Mommy. That's what you really wanted all along...isn't it?