Mom is afraid to get caught

Duration: 18:20 Views: 97 Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: I was wondering if you can make a taboo solo, using dildo for son, mom/son video where the son makes his mom have sex while his father is home with lots of people over. This should be in the living room or some common room. This should have some build up and the mom should be scared to get caught but enjoying it. Saying so several times. I'm sure u can come up with the dialogue, having seen some of ur other videos. I would like u to run with the idea but sticking to the concept that people are home. She is afraid to get caught but the son doesn't care. Also some nice buildup with maybe some stripping and a bj or fingering would be nice. I bought the 20 minute one to make sure u had time to sell the role play. Otherwise its up to u. But an example of dialogue could be "omg. I can't believe your doing this to your mom while so many people are here. What if we get caught?