Big brother seduces his younger sister

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Description: After much deliberation with ManyVids, this video is finally back! On the anniversary of it's being published, one of my all-time favorite videos, Secret Sibling Games, is finally back. This was initially a custom video, requested by a true visionary. He wanted to see a brother seduce his younger sister! Let's check out the plot... This video opens with young babygirl Bunnie who is afraid of the dark. She goes to her brother's room since their parents are out for the night and asks if she can curl up with him. Of course, he obliges! Her brother snuggles her, then feels temptation tugging at him... he runs his hands over her tiny, petite, nubile body. She feels so sexy, so young... he devises a plan. They will play a game. She wakes up to him touching her, it feels good so she doesn't mind. She's not sure what is going on, but big brother wants to play a game with her. The game is obviously several dubious and delicious -- but also very innocent -- acts of seduction, that involve her sliding around on his cock, then sucking it, then eventually he takes her in as many positions as he can think of before covering her in his cum! There is some special footage at the end, some genuine sex between Bunnie and Fen, which means this video actually has two cum shots! Enjoy! -B