Wanting my dad so badly

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Description: Dear Diary Not long after Mom and Dad split up she found a new man I grew to call Daddy. During my senior year in high school (I got held back a year) I started having strange thoughts and dreams about him. One afternoon while everyone was working I wandered into daddys office and started rummaging through his drawers. When I found a carelessly stashed dildo I got turned on at the thought of Daddy fucking Mommy with it. I started sucking it and imagined it was daddys cock I was sucking. Thinking of his hard cock in my mouth made my pussy quiver in anticipation and soon I was fucking myself hard. I imagined daddy bending me over his desk and my pussy gushed. Harder and harder I pounded my pussy while my mind played images of daddy fucking me hard. I came hard several times then made sure to clean up after myself.