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Description: Aria and her brother are really close. They live together in the house their parents left them when they died and it really brought them together. They have a lot of childhood memories in this house. Its an early Saturday afternoon and Aria is bored. She wants to go to the mall, or really anywhere just to have some fun. So she runs into her brothers room and jumps on him to wake him up. They love roughhousing, so she does that annoying thing that only sisters do. He's sleepy at first but then he grabs her and plays with her too. He compliments her butt and asks her to show him. Why not! She pulls down her pants and wiggles her tush for him. Its really nice. He grabs her and spanks her. Its only fair that he takes his pants off too. Shes grossed out at first. But now that they have their pants off its time to have a twerk! Hes really good at it, so he teaches her how. She bends over and starts to flex her butt muscles. He takes off her panties and her shirt in order to do it better. She does it again, and does pretty good. But then he starts to eat her pussy. Shes into it. So they keep going with it. He lick her some more and then she gets on her knees and sucks his dick. Then they fuck for a while in different positions before he cums in her mouth.