Impregnante Me Daddy, Make My Dreams Cum True

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Description: Dear Diary I don't know whats come over me lately but since I moved back in with mom and dad I've been having these very strange dreams. All of them involve my dad getting me pregnant and it's getting me hot all the time. I formulated a plan to seduce him while mom is visiting grandma next week and just thinking about it is making me masturbate. As my hands caress my breasts I imagine daddy playing with my tiny titties and tweaking my nipples which really gets my pussy wet. The thought of taking his cock in my mouth gets me even wetter so I slid my fingers inside my panties to play with my clit. Soon my panies are slung on the bed and I'm fingerfucking myself and moaning daddies name. I can't wait to get his cock in me. Dear Diary The day has finally arrived and when daddy starts watching tv tonight I'm going to seduce him. Daddy was a bit preoccupied with the tv at first but when I set my legs in his lap it got his attention. I felt his cock twitch a bit and it encouraged me. Teasingly I stripped off some of my clothes and despite his protests, by the time I was naked he was all mine. His big cock throbbed in my mouth as I slowly savored every inch. I climbed on daddys lap and pressed his cock against my tight pussy. It slid in easily and a rode him til I came all over his cock. By then daddy was so turned on he laid me on my back and totally pounded my pussy. I was so hot by now I had to feel him cum so I got on my knees and he pounded me doggystyle til he was about to cum. At the last minute he remembered I wasn't on the pill so he pulled out and shot his load on my little asshole. MMMMM it felt so good. Dear Diary After a hot evening with daddy I still wanted more so I called him into my room. We played with each other a bit til I couldn't take it anymore and started sucking his cock. Next thing I knew daddy entered me from behind and fucked me senseless. I rolled on my back for him to fuck me harder and suddenly he took my toes in his mouth. Oh my god it was heavenly. Daddy sucked on my toes and licked my feet while he fucked me hard to several intense orgasms. He put me on my knees again and pounded me hard. Afraid he was going to pull out again I flipped over on my back so he could fuck me deep. Just as he was about to cum I wrapped my legs around him and locked him in place til he filled me with his seed..... The feeling was orgasmic. Dear Diary I'm in my last trimester and the sex is better than ever. Now that mommie left to be with the mailman daddy and I play all the time. Mommie isn't even contesting the divorce so Daddy is all mine now..... I hope he knocks me up again after I deliver.